Check this out, it's a brand new beer truck! We are able to provide a full service outdoor beer garden for your event. There are two primary ways you can interact and utilize the truck, public event/festival, or private events:

1) Event/Festival - Have us out to your public event, we can roll up and serve, or we can basically handle everything needed to create a beer garden at your event.

A great example of this is our Shelby Park pop-up beer garden. we handle all the permitting, fencing needed, security guard, sales and serving of great ENBW beer fresh off the tap. If you already have a roped area with vendors, and you are doing the beer board yourself, we can just roll up and serve. Think of it as a "beer garden on wheels."

For a good starting point, we need more than 500 people at the event to make this work. Reach out to us here to discuss.

Tap Truck Screen Shot smaller
Beer Garden ppl

2. Private Events - Option 2 for usage of the ENBW beer truck is booking us for private events. This would be a wedding, birthday party, anniversary party, etc. If you want to have the most badass wedding reception or party, just have us roll in there and let people just walk up and order a beer, take IG photos with us, and allow us to serve while having an absolute blast.

Reach out to us, we can get you a quote on your event, with all encompassing beer and service provided.