Groups are welcome!

Do you need an easy outing for your group that takes little planning and is a ton of fun? We got you! We host a lot of groups and parties at East Nashville Beer Works: Birthdays, networking events, baby showers, kid's birthdays (the playground is the best!), non-profit nights, wedding welcome events, political events, yoga, you name it, we've done it.

Areas we can set aside include (if you're group is at least 20 people, otherwise, 1st come):

  • Our long community table inside (great for networking or milling around)
  • Covered patio area (heated in winter)
  • Playground area tables

For a wedding or full venue buyout, we do this only very rarely, feel free to contact us and see if it's a good fit. If you would like to bring a corporate group during the day or on off-hours, let us know, we accommodate! More often than not for groups, we remain open to the public, and we are able to host your group with plenty of space to spread out.

Be the hero in your group by contacting us to set up your event (if larger than 20 people).

We make it easy, simply:

1) Fill out our contact form and tell us when you are coming in

2) We set aside space for you to hang (community table inside, covered patio, playground area, etc)

3) Enjoy a super fun day for your family or group. Very chill with beer, pizza, and great vibes.

PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally, we are simply so busy we have to remain 1st come, 1st serve and open seating. It simply becomes too difficult for our staff to hold tables at times. We apologize for this, it is rare and most times we can block off tables for you. Just reach out to us and we will let you know what the situation is a given day. Cheers!

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