East Nashville Beer Works Cans

East Nashville Beer Works is back in CANS! We always have our Crowlers available in the taproom, that you can fill with any beer on tap. Crowlers are essentially two pint cans that are great to take with you on the go, and stay super fresh since it's a sealed can.

We have just relaunched our distribution package lineup with 4-packs of 16 oz beers. We are canning "Miro Miel" (Honey Blonde), our "Cumberland Punch" (American Wheat), and our "East Bank" (Citra IPA) year round. Then we will be doing a quarterly seasonal and many one-off batches. The pandemic opened up us canning partial batches of the typically taproom only draft beers. We hope to continue this trend so we have some more variety in cans in addition to the three core beers.

Now we are also available State-wide! Be sure to pick us up or request us at your favorite package stores throughout Tennessee!

Can Crowlers

Why Cans?

1. More sustainable and environmentally friendly

2. Beer tastes great in cans and holds freshness really well

3. Artwork - Craft beer in cans allows for awesome can art!

4. Portability - Float down the river, head out on the hike, cans are easy

The Taproom
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320 E. Trinity Lane
Nashville, TN 37207